Missouri Agricultural Stewardship Assurance Program

Sustainable. Responsible. This is Missouri Ag.


The Agricultural Stewardship Assurance Program (ASAP) is a verification program that champions Missouri farmers who are responsible stewards of the land.

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Consumer Benefits

Missouri farmers and ranchers recognize that consumers want to know more about where their food comes from and how it’s produced.

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Producer Benefits

Becoming ASAP-verified has domestic and global benefits. You’ll receive official verification of your farm’s sustainability and access to international markets.

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If a Missouri farmer practices sustainable management on their operations in any of the six categories, they can become ASAP-verified. Click to see our categories.

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Sustainable. Responsible. This is Missouri Ag.

Certification Categories


Landowner utilizes stewardship practices on his/her grasslands, pastures and fields to build soil health, reduce erosion, and protect water quality.


Landowner manages the timber resources to increase the value of timber sales while protecting the environment.


Landowner performs stewardship practices in raising cattle, swine, goats, horses, poultry an/or other types of livestock production.


Landowner has adopted practices on the homestead to reduce environmental concerns, store product properly, and recycle items when appropriate.


Landowner saves on energy costs by incorporating energy-efficient practices on his/her farm.


Landowner routinely plants, grows and harvests corn, soybeans, rice, cotton, wheat, sorghum, and other crops, utilizing stewardship practices to build soil health and protect the environment while maintaining the farm production goals.